About the Authors

About Author Philip D. Harvey:

Philip D. Harvey is the author of three nonfiction books: The Government vs. Erotica, which Publishers Weekly and Booklist praised and the ALA Intellectual Freedom Roundtable nominated as the best book on intellectual freedom the year it came out; Let Every Child Be Wanted, which drew praise from former President Jimmy Carter; and Government Creep, which Media Coalition called “a frightening, enlightening story.” Show Time, his first novel, came out in 2012, and his short fiction has been published in 15 literary magazines, including Phantasmagoria, which nominated one of his stories for a Pushcart Prize, and Antietam Review, which named another the winner of its annual contest.

He writes for the Huffington Post, Forbes and other publications, and he is the chief sponsor of the DKT Liberty Project, which raises awareness about liberty and freedom in the United States through its website and otherwise.

Phil Harvey is also the president of DKT International, a Washington, D.C.-based charity that provides family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention programs in eighteen nations; and he is president and majority shareholder of PHE, also known as Adam & Eve, a mail-order business that sells sexually oriented books and films.

About Author Lisa Conyers:

Lisa Conyers is co-author, with Phil Harvey, of The Human Cost of Welfare. She is a nonpartisan consultant to private clients and think tanks, focusing on economics and public policy issues. Her passion is explaining complex economic issues for the layman. Lisa also consults on films and documentaries on economics and free markets, and is a sought-after ghostwriter. She also consults on political campaigns.

Her writing has been published in the New York Daily News, the Los Angeles Times, and the Huffington Post, among other venues, and she has appeared frequently on radio and TV to discuss economic and social issues. She holds an undergraduate degree in American Studies from George Mason University and a Master’s degree in Management from the University of Maryland. She lives in California on her sailboat.